Welcome to The Simplicity Platform: 8 Tenets by Kaya Usher, An eight-week course in Frequency Work. If you haven’t already purchased this product, please go to this page to do so. There you’ll receive the passwords required to view the course below.

The Simplicity Platform: Recommended Viewing (Opening Video)

Kaya Usher introduces her debut foundation course in Frequency Work. This is an invaluable orientation video aimed at explaining how these classes work and how to get the best experience from them.

The Simplicity Platform: Clean Up Our Space (Week 1)

Our space is a sovereign state. When we incarnate into a physical body, we pick up junk: inherited programs, familial and ethnic customs, societal and cultural habits. None of which is us. Our first act of freedom is, therefore, to “unlearn” everything that isn’t us and jettison it from our space.

The Simplicity Platform: Ride The Truth Wave (Week 2)

With truth comes freedom. We are free to be ourselves – not different versions dependent on who we are with. Our truth is unique to us and its hallmark is integrity.

The Simplicity Platform: Come Home to Our Most Brilliant Self (Week 3)

The greatest love of all – is our love for self. Without it we cannot love another. Once we are free to love ourselves unconditionally, we are able to love all things.

The Simplicity Platform: Usher in an Unimaginable Peace (Week 4)

There is only one peace and that is within. Once we enter into our sovereignty, in peace, we can externalize it into the world.

The Simplicity Platform: Free to Be (Week 5)

We do not operate from old paradigms. We are free of rituals, rites, orders and rank. We commune in equality. There is no hierarchy.

The Simplicity Platform: Sustain Our Frequency (Week 6)

We dwell in a neutral space, neither swayed this way or that. In staying centered, grounded, we maintain our frequency equilibrium.

The Simplicity Platform: Live Inside The Simplicity Platform (Week 7)

There are no more stories, complexities, doubts, debates or emergencies. Our lives become simpler. We stay in the present moment. Always connected.

The Simplicity Platform: Embody the Lightness of Being (Week 8)

We enter into the realm of spontaneous gifts. Miraculous events, inconceivable adventures and exchanges of gifts replace the old world of money, work and contracts.

The Simplicity Platform: What’s Next? (Closing Video)

Kaya Usher offers students a road map for furthering their journey in Frequency Work. Packed with useful tips and links, not to be missed!


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