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Seamless Integration Meditation

Why choose this Meditation?

The Seamless Integration Meditation that was recorded in Tofino British Columbia is perfect for people who have worked with Kaya Usher and had a Frequency Upgrade. It is set in an old-growth forest, under the most magnificent red wood tree which stretches all the way up to the sky. This mediation grounds down into the center of the earth, while we feel a tremendous strength and power along our spine from the red wood tree. This meditation is aimed at individuals who want to stay strong and resilient as they release the frequencies that no longer serve them. Listeners are taken down into the Center of the Earth, which is the safest place, and then that energy is brought back up into the spine providing a strong anchor.

Kaya Usher’s guided meditation series empowers and supports individuals as they live Free To Be (tm) within the Simplicity Platform (tm). Each meditation is embedded with powerful Source Frequencies, which opens a space for profound shifts in consciousness.

Kaya Usher has created a unique series of guided meditations aimed at different areas of our lives.

  • Health
  • DNA Flush
  • Harnessing Nature
  • Integrating after a Frequency Upgrade session

If you are seeking to Usher in an Unimaginable Peace ™, want to luxuriate in the deliciousness of the physical world, release old patterns, discover latent abilities, magnify love and attract positive opportunities then this series is for you.


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