Frequency Upgrade Integration & Release

$150.00 per person (US Dollars)

30-minutes with Kaya Usher, required before all other services

The Universe runs on frequency, vibration and energy. We can utilize this tremendous energy source to full advantage. This is what the “Free To Be – Frequency Upgrade & Release” session does. It remains one of the most potent and customized ways to shift our lives, returning individuals to the Brilliant Self. Using her unique abilities Kaya Usher goes to the very core of our being, delivering extraordinary and immediate changes and Ushering in “The Deepest Peace Imaginable”. (As with all Kaya Usher sessions, frequency work will be activated.)


Mode: Kaya Usher will call you at your appointment time on the number you provide at booking.
Duration: 30-minutes
Available: Tuesday, Thursday 11am – 4pm; Saturday, Sunday 12pm – 5pm

All appointments are held in Eastern Standard Time (EST)



Payment and signed agreement required before confirmation of your appointment. Clients must provide at least 24 hours cancellation notice otherwise fee is nonrefundable.

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