Frequency Upgrade Women’s Mentor Group

$800.00 per person (US Dollars)


2-hours with Kaya Usher per week, runs for 8 weeks

Kaya Usher gently guides selected individuals more deeply into their feminine power. This group will explore divine health, perfect vitality, true beauty, abundant sexuality, joyful relationships, meaningful friendships, awakened parenting and career-manifested success.

Kaya Usher facilitates a series of highly focused sessions aimed at returning each participant back to their true self: the woman they were born to be. (As with all Kaya Usher sessions, frequency work will be activated upon every individual present.)


Reserve Your Space: 4 person minimum, 11 person maximum.
Mode: Zoom “Kaya Usher Unlimited”
Duration: 2-hours per week with Kaya Usher, runs for 8-weeks*
Please be informed that this is an 8-week commitment. Payment must be received in full prior to acceptance: $100 per person per week, US dollars
7pm-9pm, Thursdays

All appointments are held in Eastern Standard Time (EST)


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Payment and signed agreement required before confirmation of your appointment. Clients must provide at least 24 hours cancellation notice otherwise fee is nonrefundable.

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