Round Table Series: Kaya Usher and Influencers

Offering $450.00 per person (US Dollars)


2 hours with Kaya Usher

“The Usher Round Table is a high-end event aimed at influencers, NGOs, Think-Tanks and private organizations. Utilizing her frequency enhancement skills, Kaya Usher facilitates the Master Mind program, which harnesses the collective power of the Group. Benefits include: personal enhancement, policies that access a higher intelligence field and vision-mapping, the ability to think and act like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk – outside of the box, with new paradigms.”


11-person minimum
Mode: in-person
Duration: Once a month, 7pm-9pm, Sundays
Locations: To be determined

All appointments are held in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

The Usher Round Table is divided into the following categories:

  • Usher ‘Artist’ Round Table
  • Usher ‘World Leader’ Round Table
  • Usher ‘Business’ Round Table
  • Usher ‘Environment’ Round Table
  • Usher ‘Religion/Spiritual’ Round Table
  • Usher ‘Science’ Round Table
  • Usher ‘Health’ Round Table


Are you a member of a Think Tank that regularly meets to discuss and strategize policies in your chosen field? Elevate that experience, upgrade collectively by bringing your group to the Round Table with Kaya Usher. If you are an influencer and would like to include peers in this opportunity, or you are an individual and would like to be put on our wait list, please send us an email here:

Note: Offering of $450 is per person.

Payment and signed agreement required before confirmation of your appointment. Clients must provide at least 24 hours cancellation notice otherwise fee is nonrefundable.

Waiting List Round Table

  • Please enter the date and time of an upcoming Sunday. This service is only offered one Sunday a month from 7pm-9pm and runs for 2 hours.

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Offering, Offering $450


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