The Teacher’s Teacher Workshop

$500.00 per person (US Dollars)


5-hour workshop with Kaya Usher

“This is one of the most important, purest aspects of my work. I am the Teacher’s Teacher. From my understanding the leaders that I’ve helped were not accessing their knowledge with 100% clarity. What happens is that we hit a ceiling of productivity.

We can frequently feel depleted, exhausted or burnt out. We lose our natural balance and our intimate relationships can suffer. This deeply impacts how we affect our clients.

I have produced the upmost results for so many teachers and leaders. What I do is disconnect you from what you’ve been accessing previously, and I activate and show you the path and how to become a true leader and teacher, which is 100% aligned with purity and truth.”

This workshop will make you a more efficient teacher. You will experience an immediate upswing in productivity. Kaya Usher utilizes her master’s technique of declaration and teaches leaders how to use it in their professional lives. The consequence of using the command, “and so it is” with integrity is efficiency, lightning speed, integrity and purity of intent. Only with pure intention can we eradicate emotional waste, which slows us down. This is the equivalent of switching a system that runs on fossil fuels to one that harnesses natural clean energy. It is more powerful and yet takes nothing in return. This is how you will feel.


Reserve Your Spot: 12-person minimum
Mode: In-person
Duration: 5-hours
Fee is $500 per person
10am-4pm, Sundays (with a 1-hour break for lunch)

All appointments are held in Eastern Standard Time (EST)


If you are a teacher, conduct healing and teaching groups, and you wish to include your members in this workshop, please contact us here: If you are a member of a professional organization and would like to invite and include/book other members, please contact us here:

Payment and signed agreement required before confirmation of your appointment. Clients must provide at least 24 hours cancellation notice otherwise fee is nonrefundable.

Note: Fee is $500 per person

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  • Please enter the date and time of an upcoming Sunday. This service is only offered Sundays from 10am-4pm and runs for 5 hours.


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