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The Daily Kaya podcast is an easy, powerful way to maintain our Frequency Upgrade and embody the Simplicity Platform. It has been carefully designed to support a regular spiritual practice. Ideal for individuals who have had a session with Kaya Usher and cleaned up their space and reset.


Join Kaya Usher and her “Free To Be” lifestyle through daily video experiences. Learn what living within the “Simplicity Platform” looks like, feels like.


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Locking In During Lockdown

Locking In During Lockdown was inspired during the first phase of the COVID-19 lockdown that occurred around the world in early 2020. This gift is ideal for anyone who experiences anxiety during confinement and for everyone else, it acts as a general meditation tool for enhancement. 

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Feeling Stuck?
How do we release old programs?
Why Are There Dark Forces?
Locking In During Lockdown
Christ Consciousness
The Beauty of Simplicity
Simplicity Platform in History
What is Your Vision?
What to Expect After a Frequency Upgrade Session
Grounding Mother Earth
Using Extreme Situations to Grow
A New Earth
Staying Sovereign
Thrive in Uncertain Times
The Truth is Different For Everyone
Are We All One?
How Can I Tell if I Am Being Authentic?
Why Are Emotions so Important?
Giving Pieces of Ourselves Away
Alcohol, Diets and Other Habits
Language and How We Use It
Why Some Return to Old Programs, Habits
Moving From Darkness into Light
Past Lives And Frequency
Why do We have Family Lineages?
When You Record Your Shows Are You Tapping Into Us?
How can I live a balanced life?
What is Your Frequency?
Holding Frequency (Advanced)
Cycles of Awakening
Explaining What I Do
Re-Calibration After an Upgrade
The Only Thing You Need To Do
Does This Work For Everyone?
First Frequency Upgrade Nerves
Why I Charge What I Charge
Are the Changes Permanent?
When I Tap Into You
Preparing For Your First Frequency Session
The Difference Between Psychics, Mediums and Frequency Work
What Are Frequencies?
Gurus, Teachers, Shamans
Prayer and How to Use It
Your Family’s Frequency
Being The Best Possible Parent
Frequency (Work) and Marriage
Ride the Truth Wave
Cleaning up your Space
The Love of Our Precious Animals
Do We Have To Be Sick and Degraded Before We Die?
What Does It Mean To Be a Death Doula?
Manifestation 101
What Does It Mean to be Rich?

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